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Mukono - Update August 2023

Representatives of the Rotary Club of Mukono Central & Seeta inspect the monitoring and evaluation of the Water, Sanitation and Hygeine project at Seeta Mamuganga, that is in the final stages.

Mukono - Water and Sanitation Project


The Rotary Club of Mukono Central, Uganda and The Rotary Club of Billericay Town, UK are working together to improve community water access and sanitation in Seeta-Namnganga. about 70 kms from Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

This project aims to improve access to safe and adequate water for domestic use and sanitation to 8311 people in 12 villages of Namanoga Parish, Seeta-Namuganga Sub County, Mukono district in Central Uganda through the construction of an automated solar-powered production well system.

The Area

The parish has a population of 8311 (female 4327 & male 3984). Of the total population, 407 are elderly people above the age of 60 who occupy 42 households of the 1,198 households in the parish. The vast majority of the parish population are chronically poor. The average daily personal income of the population is UGX 1,397 (0.32 euros). The parish has 16 primary schools, 19 churches and 6 mosques. Both the households and these institutions need clean and safe water. (Source: UBOS Census 2014)

Most Ugandans lack access to safe and clean water. In Seeta Namuganga sub-county where Namunoga parish is located, only 69% of the population have access to safe and clean water. This is far below the district goal of 95%. The community has 12 existing seasonal boreholes and there are no piped water supply systems.

The 12 villages in Namanoga Parish share 12 existing shallow wells, some with a hand pumps. Most of these are hand dug, shallow and dry-up especially in the dry seasons causing shortage of water in the area. The wells are always congested with people and most of the time break down because of excessive usage. People have to walk or ride a bicycle long distances to collect the water from the wells to use in their homes. With the increasing water burden, many households in Seeta-Namuganga collect water from swamps and ponds, which are filled with dirty and contaminated water. As a result there has been, rampant water borne diseases outbreaks like diarrhoea, typhoid and dysentery which negatively affects the health and subsequently, the lifespan of the people in the community.

When it comes to the older persons who are frail, they are hit hardest because they cannot fight with the able youths for the scarce water or walk for long distances to collect water in the area.

Outcomes of the project:

A solar powered functional water well in place

3 water dispensing points selected and connected

Water Management Committee formed

A monthly affordable user fee agreed upon and effected

Tool in place to track the impact of the water system in the community

Drafted sustainability plan on maintenance and management of the water system put in place.

Since the people of Seeta Namuganga Sub-County are sharing the little water from 12 shallow wells we estimate that creating a deep and sustainable borehole will support the community but ensure their long term health benefits. The most important aim is that through training and initial support  the community will be able to maintain the automated solar-powered production well system long after the Rotary funding ends.

Uganda Trip October 2023

Lynn Talbot travelled to Seeta Namnganga, which is about 45 miles (70 km) north east from Uganda’s capital Kampala, to visit the Rotary Club of Seeta and inspect the completion of the borehole providing water and the toilets block.

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